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Troyke Helps You Meet Your Production Goals

Whatever the application, it is important to your company's bottom line to have the best performing, most accurate rotary table available. The right rotary table is crucial to your company's productivity and machining capabilities. Troyke Manufacturing Company features a wide range of rotary tables designed to offer increased productivity and versatility on all machine tools. Many of these Troyke heavy-duty rotary tables are customizable to meet one or more of your precise specifications. Since it is equally important that you are able to meet production goals with minimal or no downtime or outages, Troyke guarantees immediate response to your needs, assuring that your productivity is kept intact.

Troyke has been manufacturing rotary tables since 1939, first making manual rotary tables, and ultimately evolving into 4th and 5th axis rotary positioning systems, Our product line has expanded to 12 rotary table models ranging from 6.5" to 84" diameter and 5 tilting rotary table models ranging from 6.5"to 30"diameter. Troyke's versatile products are made to accept modifications designed to accommodate a variety of custom applications.

We currently offer the Direct Drive Series, DL and NC Series, CTL, L, and TDL Series, TT, TPS, and TS Series, Collet Indexers, HDL and HBM Series, plus tooling and workholding options. Every part of every table is designed and built to provide high accuracy, increased production, and a trouble-free long life.

Through continuous improvement, Troyke rotary tables have advanced into the most rigid, versatile, and cost effective high quality products in the industry. We back our rotary tables with our guarantee of excellence by design and superior customer service. Troyke's team of qualified technicians can inspect, adjust, diagnose, and service your Troyke equipment, giving you peace of mind about equipment performance.

Troyke also offers continually updated instructions on the care, maintenance, and handling of every rotary table. You will find print publications and online guidelines on lifting and mounting, alignments, wiring and electronics, lubrication, braking systems, relief valves, and programming, as well as center bearing, backlash, wormshaft assembly, tailstock, chuck, manual, and collet fixture adjustments. You'll also find informative Service Bulletins that outline diagnostic and replacement information on pressure switches, solenoid valves, timing belts, and quad rings, The Troyke commitment to quality and accuracy make us the obvious choice. Our customers find that Troyke manufactures the most cost-effective rotary tables available, recognized by their wear-resistance, rigidity, and high-speed rotation. For over 70 years, customers have depended on Troyke to deliver the highest quality rotary tables, always backed by unparalleled customer service and a guarantee of excellence.




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