Critical Alignments

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To determine if this adjustment is needed, position the stylus of an indicator on the side of one of the T-slots near the turntable O.D. Place a rod in another of the T-slots and push and pull the rod rotating the table clockwise and counter-clockwise. Relax the pressure on the rod in each direction to check table movement. The total indicated reading should be no more than .001” to .002” of movement.  If the backlash exceeds .001” to .002” at turntable O.D., perform the following steps. (Recommended backlash adjustments intervals:
New – After 3 months of operation, then every 6 months of operation.

  1. Loosen socket set screw No. 64. Loosen only the set screw on the side of the base as the exposed nut No. 12. (Important: loosen that set screw only).
  2. Turn bracket cartridge No. 5 clockwise 1/4 of a turn. (See note 2).
  3. Tighten socket set screw No. 64 and test for backlash per the instructions on the previous page.
  4. If the backlash is less than the recommended amount, then you are finished. If the backlash is more than the recommended amount, repeat steps 1 through 3. Do not rotate bracket cartridge No. 5 more than one turn.
  5. Remove (3) button head screws No. 70 in pulley cover No. 9.
  6. Remove pulley cover No. 9.
  7. If the timing belt No. 47 is at the extreme outer flange of the motor pulley No. 46, then perform steps 8-15. Otherwise, go to step 16.
  8. Loosen (4) flange nuts No. 62.
  9. Slide motor and motor enclosure No’s. 31 and 8 toward the table to allow enough slack to remove timing belt No. 47 from the pulleys.
  10. Remove (3) hex head bolts No. 63 in pulley bushing No. 43.
  11. Using the tapped holes in pulley bushing No. 43, thread the (3) hex head bolts No. 63 evenly into pulley No. 44. Drive pulley No. 44 off of pulley bushing No. 43.
  12. Reposition pulley No. 44 approximately 1/4” in toward the table from the previous position to allow timing belt No. 47 to track in toward the motor on pulley No. 46.
  13. Using the (3) hex head bolts No. 63, securely tighten pulley bushing No. 43 into pulley No. 44.
  14. Pull motor and motor enclosure No’s. 31 and 8 away from the table to set the tension on timing belt No. 47. (The timing belt should be able to be rotated 90 degrees from the normal horizontal position without a lot of pressure). Do not set the tension on the belt too tight or it may damage the servo motor bearings.
  15. Tighten (4) flange nuts No. 62.
  16. Replace pulley cover No. 9 and (3) button head screws No. 70.

NOTE 1: Do not adjust the backlash too tight, as the torque required to rotate the table will greatly increase and it may damage the    wormwheel.

NOTE 2: It may be necessary to cut a pleat out of the Gortiflex protector No. 48 to allow bracket cartridge No. 5 to thread in deeper. Replace the Phenolic washer No. 49 in the Gortiflex protector just inside the first pleat.