Lifting and Mounting

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Use the forged steel eyebolts supplied with the Troyke Rotary Table at shipment. These eyebolts are designed to lift a vertical load of 2,000 lbs. Locate the two ½-13 tapped holes in the top of the rotary table base. When lifting, use the tapped hole closest t0 the black timing belt enclosure to help balance and lift the load.

Always mount the table on a clean flat surface. The mounting surface on the base of the rotary table should be free of burs and debris before mounting. Prepare and clean the mounting surface of the rotary table base and the machine bed surface using a wet stone and solvent.

Troyke supplies two precision ground 18mm fixture keys for accurate alignment. After cleaning the mounting surface, carefully install these in the machined slot provided. Be specifically careful not to force these into place. They are precision parts and should be installed with precision to insure proper alignment of the Rotary Table to the keyways on the machine bed.

Troyke also supplies all necessary mounting hardware. Standard T-bolts and T-nuts with ½-13 threads are supplied to fasten the rotary table to the machine bed.

All mounting instructions also apply when installing a tailstock, chuck or fixture.