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Troyke precision dual lead worm sets consist of a high quality bronze alloy worm wheel and a hardened and ground high grade steel worm shaft. These worm sets provide the means to accuracy and need proper lubrication. Failure to properly lubricate as noted will cause premature wear in the worm set and will greatly increase torque requirements.

All Troyke worm sets run in a reservoir of oil. All units are filled in the factory with Almasol 605, a 90 wt. gear oil manufactured by Lubrications Engineers. An extra quart is shipped with all new rotary tables. It should be used to replenish oil lost during normal operation during the first 3 months. After the first 3 months of operation the oil should be changedevery 6 months thereafter. You must use a quality 90 wt. gear oil. Refer to the M.S.D.S. report for further information on the oil in this unit.

An oil fill hole is provided at the top of the base and an oil level gauge at the rear. The oil level should be checked weekly at the thumb screw style level gauge located in the rear of the base. Oil should flow when the thumb screw is removed. If no oil is present, fill slowly allowing the oil time to elevate and weep out of the gauge hole. Securely tighten the thumb screw level gauge, replace the oil fill plug and continue operation.

All bearings are packed in grease and need no other lubrication except in the unusual eventthat moisture or coolant enters the base cavity.

Note: Under normal operation the rotary table will lose a small amount of oil between the base and turntable. The evidence of oil on the outside of the unit ensures proper lubrication of the turcite bearing surface. Turcite is a precision machined bearing surface that is uniquely designed into Troyke Rotary Tables to give them outstanding rigidity.

Download a data sheet pdf.