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RMA Forms

Request for Return Merchandise Authorization
You must first obtain a RMA Number from Troyke Manufacturing Company!


  1. Do NOT return or ship any goods to Troyke
  2. Complete the RMA form to the right, and send a copy with the shipment. (You will receive a copy of your request via email)
  3. Ship the unit back "FREIGHT PREPAID ONLY".
  4. Customers outside the USA: Contact Troyke and we will direct you to our Customs Broker.

Before you ship, obtain the Return Merchandise Authorization!

Note: Any Warranty Return of Merchandise purchased from Troyke Manufacturing Company or any shipment of items to Troyke Manufacturing Company for out-of-warranty repair or inspection, must be approved and authorized by Troyke Management prior to shipment of the goods. All fields on this form must be completely filled out, especially the reason for return. It is our policy to refuse any shipment that is not identified with the proper RMA Number
* RMA No.:
* Model No.:
* Lot No.:
* Company:
* Address:
* City:
* State:
* Zip:
* Contact:
* Phone:
Important! State precise reason for return or repair:
* Problem:
* required
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