Direct Drive


When your machining requires high-speed performance, Troyke's Direct Drive Spindles deliver the ultimate in precision and control.  Direct motor-to-spindle connection eliminates any chance for gear error, allowing for the highest degree of accuracy. Available as single or dual axis units for machines equipped with linear motors and conventional ball screws.

Standard Features:

  • Speed Ranges to 600 RPM*
  • Load Capacity 50 lbs
  • Resolution .001°
  • Tilt Axis Range +/- 120°

Position Feedback:

  • Renishaw RESM 209 Encoder Ring**
  • Fanuc Aicz Encoder Ring
  • Heidenhain RON & RCN Encoders
  • Barden ABEC 7 Spindle Bearings

Standard Torque Motors:

  • Etel TMB Series
  • GE-Fanuc DiS Series
  • Siemens 1FW6 Series
  • Kollmorgen
  • I DAM

Optional Accessories:

  • Manual Chucks
  • 5C Collet Chucks and 16C Collet Chucks
  • Faceplates
  • Mandrels
  • Controls (Single and Dual Axis)