Servo Controls


Troyke indexing rotary tables are interfaced to the machine control as rotary indexers or full 4th axis or 5th axis. A variety of M-code actuated controls or stand-alone controls for single axis and dual axis indexing are available. This is an economical substitute for a full 4th axis machine tool interface.  

Standard Features:

  • Simple menu-driven commands and soft keys
  • LCD Display (position, program, parameters)
  • Line repeat, line jump and sub-program call commands
  • Absolute and incremental program modes
  • Rapid traverse and feed rate mode
  • MDI mode capability (manual data input)
  • Two keypads for program and parameter entry and editing
  • Emergency stop and cycle start pushbuttons
  • RS-232 communications port (upload, download & dnc)
  • M-function interface capability (cable included)
  • Backlash compensation (parameter setting)
  • Battery backed memory (298 lines of program space) (999 lines of program space / 10 programs - sc-60)
  • Control box enclosure size: length 4.38" [111] x width 11.81" [300] x height 13" [330] sc-60

For other available controls, consult factory