CTL Series


Troyke CTL Series indexing rotary and 5th-axis trunion tilting rotary tables range in size from 6.5" to 10" diameters. The CTL Series range in use from manual, tilting rotary applications to complex 5 axis machining applications. These heavy-duty tilting rotary tables are interfaced to the machine control as rotary indexers or full 4th and 5th axis, and offer a variety of tooling and workholding options.

Standard CTL Series Rotary Table Features:

  • 2 sizes (6.5" and 10" table diameters)
  • Dual lead wormset simplifies backlash adjustment
  • C907 bronze wormgears and a hardened and ground worms running in a bath of oil
  • High precision spindle bearings
  • Turcite bearing surface
  • Internal pneumatic brake (Rotary Axis)
  • Precision ground surfaces
  • Zero return / home switches (Both Axis)
  • +/- overtravel limit switches (Tilt Axis)

Optional Features:

  • Oversize thru hole
  • Chucks - (Manual or Pneumatic)
  • Collet fixtures - (Manual or Pneumatic)
  • Tailstocks - (Manual or Pneumatic)
  • Alternate handwheel location (Tilt Axis)
  • Single Axis programmable control
  • Air-over-hydraulic unit (AHU)
  • Ball Lockā„¢ sub plate and fixture plate
  • Cables - for interfacing to machine tool
  • Compatible with all standard Servo Motors
  • Direct mount feedback (Heidenhain scale for accuracy up to +/- 2 arc seconds)