TT Series


Troyke TT Series indexing rotary tables and 5th axis tilting rotary tables range in size from 6.5" to 10" diameters. The TT Series Rotary Table is used for CNC tilting rotary machining of cylinder heads and on complex 5 axis machining applications. These heavy duty tilting rotary tables are interfaced to the machine control as a rotary indexer or full 4th and 5th axis, and offer a variety of tooling and workholding options

Standard TT Series Rotary Table Features:

  • 360 degrees "A" axis travel & 25 degrees "B" axis travel
  • Dual lead wormset allows for simple backlash adjustment
  • C907 bronze worm wheel and a hardened and ground worm shaft running in a bath of oil
  • High precision spindle bearings
  • Turcite bearing surfaces
  • Internal pneumatic brakes
  • Precision ground surfaces
  • Zero return / home switches (both axis)
  • +/- Overtravel limit switches (tilt axis)
  • MS cable receptacles

Optional Features:

  • Collet fixtures - (manual or pneumatic)
  • Single axis programmable control
  • Cables - for interfacing to machine tool
  • Manual rotary axis and/or manual tilt axis
  • Ball lockā„¢ sub plate
  • Compatible with all standard Servo Motors